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 Ayurveda आयुर्वेद 

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Roots Of Ayurveda


A 5,000-year-old Indian tradition of healing passed down from the ancient Naga Siddhas (sages) of the Indus River Valley Civilization. Naga Siddhas lived a lifestyle of harmony with nature and discovered the truth of healing through a deep sense of peace and quiet obtained through consistent meditation, allowing them to clarify the function of their existence and honor their inner guidance contacted through their spiritual experiences. These expansive learned teachers were often doctors and healers who exhibited psychic abilities. They fostered a deep relationship with nature and held great respect for the plants they used. 

Ayurveda is defined as the "science of life."The Sushruta Samhita is a classic Ayurveda text on surgeries 2,000 years old which influenced Hippocrates the father of Greek medicine. Ayurvedic concepts filtered back to Greece and evolved into the four bodily humor theory based upon the four elements. Gautama Buddha supported Ayurveda and his followers promoted its study and the founding of Universities. Ayurvedic students practiced surgeries, studied the correct preparation of foods, the collection, and preservation of medicinal herbs, farming methods, and alchemical preparations of minerals.

Modern Ayurveda 


Today, we find ourselves in an unnatural environment that has created an unnatural dynamic within our mental, emotional, and physiological health. Because, we as humans today, are exposed to radiation, pollution, eating foods that are laden with toxins, as well as, living in a toxic environment, we need to find ways to counter this situation. Although rooted in ancient traditions, in today's modern world, Ayurveda addresses custom-tailored ways that will bring you back in harmony with the natural rhythm, even while living within this disharmonious modern situation. We educate and implement the basics ways of eating and lifestyle choices. Including everything from recipes, meditations, herbal supplements, daily routines, personalized yoga practices, and more.

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