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 Ayurvedic Consultation 

What is an Ayurvedic Consultation? 

Ayurvedic consultations teach the health advantages and lifestyle practices of prevention, balance, and preservation. The healing system of Ayurveda identifies and uses your biological body type called Dosha as a personal blueprint towards wellness. Your Dosha type reveals how your mind, body, and emotional chemistry relates and reacts to the world around you. This Wellness Program is uniquely crafted according to your life goals, particular needs, and upon your body's natural constitution. Most importantly, Ayurveda teaches us how to find our true purpose in life called Dharma. We come to earth to remember who we truly are and to fulfill our highest potential purpose in life.  


The consultation provides the opportunity to share your health history in a confidential and supportive environment. During the course of participation the sources of imbalance can be identified and traced back to their roots. Together we will remove factors which prevent the body from healing and help restore the body's vitality. What you will receive is a personalized program of how to achieve and maintain the body's optimum state of health and wellbeing. Progress is discussed in a follow up visit after the two-week program and further correspondence support is provided to maintain the improvement of your new health transformation.   

Living in harmony with your Dosha reveals your relationship  with nature and the universe. To be truly successful it is important to search our heart and follow its path to discover our Dharma's divine purpose in life. This two-week personalized Ayurvedic Wellness Program includes a liver flush detox, herbal tea formula, and a essential oil blend.








Ayurvedic Consultation


2 Week Program

  • In Person Consultation 

  • Learn Body Type (Dosha)

  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practice

  • Liver Detox Program

  • Renew Optimal Digestion

  • Personalized Tea Formula

  • Essential Oils Body Blend 

  • Your Life Purpose (Dharma)


1 Week Program

  • 60 min Phone Consultation

  • Ayurvedic Health Practice

  • Learn Prevention Methods

  • Improve Digestion  

  • Tea Formula

  • Essential Oil Blend

  • Stimulate Healing


60 min Session


30 min Session

  • 60 min Phone Consultation

  • Promote Health Habits 

  • Learn Prevention Methods

  • Rejuvenation Recommendations

  • 30 min Phone Consultation

  • Promote Health Habits 

  • Rejuvenation Recommendations

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